Friday, June 24, 2011

Columbia River Gorge Waterfalls

DH and DS at the first waterfall we visited. And yes, DS, if you make faces when I want to take photos, I am going to post them any way.

I don't know why we waited so long to visit the Gorge, it is a truly stunning place.

Multnomah Falls, really impressive but nearly impossible to get a good photo of it with my dying camera but I tried any way. If I remember correctly, it is 620ft.

This one is the Wahkeena Falls.

And the bottom of Multnomha Falls. We really enjoyed the drive, visited the Falls, enjoyed the beautiful landscape and saw the Bridge of the Gods, which was a lot smaller than we were expecting but still fun to see.

Edda in the evening ~

Decided to take some photos of Edda in the last rays of the sun yesterday. Love how the sun looks in her mane.

Is hard getting good photos of Edda, either she wants to be really close or is making a funny face. LOL

But I tried anyway. She is growing up to be such a beauty. She turned two years old on May 30th. Is hard to believe she is two already, time sure flies.

A Beautiful Silver bay 2 year old Icelandic filly.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Bonneville Dam

We decided to go visit the Columbia River Gorge and visit the Bonneville Dam. And was able to drive on top of the Dam/Locks in one area, rather wild.

The shear amount of water coming out of the gates was impressive.

Impressive white water at the Dam. Enjoyed watching it as we ate lunch at a picnic bench.
Am saying the word impressive a lot, well,, because it was. ;O)

The fish hatchery at the Bonneville Dam. Pretty neat place.

Cute little cottage. Looks like both the Dam and the hatchery was built in the 1930's and had a wonderful feel to it.

Really cool weather vane.

The 450lb sturgeon, really big fish.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

New Car

With DH and I driving on the HWY a lot the last couple of weeks in the Element, I firmly come to the conclusion that car just won't work for me. I didn't feel safe, and it was tiring to drive. Was squirrely at HWY speeds and add any wind or weather into the equation and lets just say it was really hard too keep it on the road.
So we went car shopping one day. We tried a number of vehicles from cars to trucks.
I loved the Tundra truck but sadly they could not find any used 08's any where in the Northwest. And that same problem followed us at every lot we looked at.
There is a serious shortage of good used cars, or used cars period around here.
We were shown this Honda Pilot, high miles on it but pretty clean and neat inside and out. And goodness, does it ever drive 100% better than the Element.
Not getting knocked around in the wind or anything else is nothing short of wonderful.

So here is our new to us, used 2008 Honda Pilot.

Plus to this one, is the gas mileage is the same as the Element and it has a much higher cargo weight capacity than the E, something we really need. Plus it will tow 4,500lbs. Which will great in the future.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Evergreen Air Museum

The Spruce Goose and family. The thing is so big, is impossible to get it all in one shot. ;O)

Enjoying the Air and Space Museum, both DH and DS really enjoyed themselves.
Like this Plane enough, will be made into a painting at some point.

Inside of the Spruce Goose.

They had to try out the F111 Trainer... which didn't work sadly. For what one pays to go to this museum, stuff should work.

Remember seeing these fighters taking off at NAS Alameda. And is another plane that will end up being painted.

Trying to land the Rover, DS did a great job and they said that is he the type of person they would hire.

DH.... well lets say........... I love him anyway. ;O)

Those old plane seats were pretty comfy.

The Last week we were Stationed at NAS Miramar, the then" Top Gun " base, I saw one of these landing. Was incredibly impressive.

Last but not least, a piece of the Berlin Wall.

It wonderful do go on a mini Vacation with DH and DS, we had a great time.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Mount St Helens

DH and DS enjoying the view of Mt St Helens. Was a beautiful day, it was warm but felt a nice cool breeze coming off the Mountain. OK well in this area, the nice cool breeze could just about knock you off your feet!

Can see the Mountain steaming in the background and the Moonscape around the base. The original valley floor in this area, was 600ft lower than it is now. That is a lot of stuff the Volcano choked out.

Remember you can click on the photos to enlarge them. This is a wider view of the valley floor and the mountain. It is impressive to see in person, just the size and scale of all that went on, is mind boggling.

A wee Chipmunk posing for the camera, on one of the original tree's taken out by the Volcano.

A Lake before we arrived at St Helens. St Helens could be seen to the left of this photo.

Captured a shot of the helicopter flying over the Valley floor. In this area you can see the Ash covering where the river used to be, the guide said it was 200ft above the original Valley floor.

Another river and you can see three Elk walking in the upper right hand corner of this photo.

DH and DS posing for a photo in front of the very long bridge on the way to St Helens.
It was an incredible day.

The weather was perfect for the day's outing. The views spectacular, people friendly. Even had to jump start an older Asian couple's car twice. Glad we were there to help so they didn't get stranded.

Stjarna's first Body clip

Very happy Stjarna, sporting her first Body clip. She did really well.

Stjarna, with Dyfra and Edda in the background. I did not clip Stjarna's legs and could not clip all of her face because I was using my giant clippers. Love how she is still shinny after being clipped.

I think Stjarna's major lack of proper care for all those years by the previous owner and her age, is still causing her not to shed her coat normally. With Stjarna, the fur on her neck was still really long and her body was a little shorter but no where near what I would call normal. No where near slicked out like Dyfra's coat is.
She does seem to be a lot happier not sweating like she was before I clipped her. I did have her tested for Cushings but that was neg.