Sunday, January 29, 2012

New Hen House and other stuff~

 Back gate going out to the pond and part of the fencing around the house.

The new, half off, store display shed. Hate the odd red color but it can be painted.  DH is getting the inside caulked and the floor painted, that way it will be easy to clean. Should be ready for the chicks come April.

Will also be adding a Hen House yard, for those days I want them to stay close to the shed.

In the back area around the shed, if you look closely, I have planted some tiny Leyland Murray's. 
Unlike Oregon, plants are not cheap here and very hard to find. Had to order by mail.
 But these trees grow fast and will help screen out the neighbors.

Not used to being this close to people. But knock on wood, so far all is good!

Drive from the new hay shed, looking towards the hen house and the big gate at front drive. 
Still have to get the rest of the fencing done in front but we only had enough fencing for around the house for now.
Which is ok... gives us a safe area for Nari and the future chickens.

Another View of the front of the house.

Hay in the Hay shed..... finally!
Good hay is hard to find here. The two big green bales to the front left, are the ones I brought from Oregon.

Others are from two different hay places in VA. 
Needless to say the horse's like the hay from Oregon the best.
So it will be an on going quest to find good hay.


Squirrelhaus said...

It's all picture perfect, I love it!!! Can't wait to see the chickens!!
Chris :o)