Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Smithsonian Natural History Museum

On Jan 1st, we decided to take a break from all the work we have been doing at the new place and have a day off.

 I have never been to DC and have always wanted to see one of the Smithsonian Museums. Figured this day, would have the least traffic. 
Pretty nice drive in, however, don't use GPS.... silly thing can't even find the White House, let alone a museum.

DH and DS at the S.M, standing in front of the only good diorama in the place. I guess after being to the Natural History Museum in SF a number of times, that the Smithsonian would be better some how. While not a bad place, it was no where near the quality of the SF one. 

Impressively sized bones...

Oh and if you are handicapped and need a scooter... bring your own. All they have are uncomfortable wheel chairs.

However, I did enjoy the day with the family. 

Have more photos to unload from the other camera's. To which I will post soon.


Squirrelhaus said...

Looks amazing!!! Glad you all had a great time!