Monday, February 27, 2012

First Snow.... that stuck for a couple of days ~

Photos where taken the morning after the snow storm.
 Can see how it is melting off already. At this point, we had around 3" left. 

 Nice wet sticky snow, good for making snow balls and throwing them at your loved ones, but the new Magnolia tree wasn't overly happy.
Had to go help it out.

You can see the fruit tree's DS helped me plant, a little more clearly. 
 Tree sizes are Dwarf, Semi Dwarf and 80% Standard and are spaced any where from 12' to 25' away from each other.

Have 5 more on order and hope to have them by the end of March.

Is a lot of work and money to set up, yet another new place from scratch but the sooner we have the fruit and other tree's planted, the quicker the family can benefit from them.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Fruit Trees, Maggie's help and a happy Maine coon cat ~

Found four fruit trees to start our small Orchard with last weekend. Asian pear( a favorite of ours), a Ayer pear, Akane apple and a Bing Cherry.
Was hoping to buy larger sized local trees, but finding what we want in VA has proven to be a challenge.
So I have ordered the other's via, Rain Tree Nursery.

The more distance view is a little hard to see. We are planting the fruit trees on the other side of the gravel road, we put in to the hay shed. That way they are not to far from the house.

 Little behind on getting the Hen House yard finished but you can see DH has the posts up. Still have the wooden gate to build and the wire to put up. We need to finish painting the inside soon, too.
Have planted some Leyland's around the Hen house yard to kind'a shield them from the neighbors in the future.

Maggie has been a big help to me. With her Sawbuck and Panniers, she carries things like T Post insulators, which are quite heavy. And it is nice to have a buddy along when you are doing work.

Nari is a lot happier now we can let her out of the house when either DS or I are outside. 
To be able to have her out all day, we still have to get the hot wire up around the house fencing. This is to keep her in and the local dogs out, so she stays safe. Hoping that will be done by next week.

Nari helping DS do the morning chores.