Sunday, March 25, 2012

Charming and Caspian ~

  Meet the two new wether's being tamed down, halter trained and will be future buddies to Apollo.
Only place I had to keep them, is in the Hen House, but they should be tamed out before the chicks arrive.

   Will not be putting them in with Apollo until they are close to Apollo's size. 

 They are a little younger than I wanted but being in an area with very few sheep..... 
 Both two months old, the black and white one, Caspian, is 50lbs already! He is half Dorper and the other half is St Croix/Katahdin. 
The white one I call Charming, is Katahdin. He is soo cute, when he doesn't want people near, he stomps his little hoof at me. LOL  If I don't go away, he hides in the corner.

Halter training is well on the way and they are doing great.