Monday, April 30, 2012

It's greening up here ~

The young Orchard, leafed out.

 Hen House fenced and the trees looking very green.  In the front of the Hen House yard, I planted a Japanese cherry tree, like the beautiful ones we had in Oregon. 
In a few years, it will be stunning.

If you look above the culverts, you can see the next section of fencing going up.

Oak trees leafed out in the back yard area.

Hay Shed and green....

Dyfra and Charming in the horse pasture.

Spindly Oak trees in the horse pasture, at least they will offer some shade.

Another photo of the fencing going up near the road. 
This fencing will keep dogs out, and just in case our animals get loose, keep them from getting hit on the road if they get out.

Last but not least, the run in shed, with the green trees in the back ground.

This area of the country will never be as lush and green as the stunning NW.... but it is now home.
With everything we do here, makes it a good place to live.
One of the perks on living on this side of the country, is the museums, History and being able to see things, like the Discovery Space Shuttle.

And DH having a job he loves is... priceless!