Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sheep on a Spring day

 He's been fleeced! Here is the photo I promised to show you. Yesterday I sheared Apollo, or tried too. Just used my Lister Lasers with the medium blades, as I did not want to take a 
chance of cutting him. Needless to say with his size at 250lb's and how much he wiggled, 
quite get all of him sheared. LOL At least he is cooler. Good for some comic relief!

 Caspian is doing very well. They are now in the horse pasture, until they grow large enough to put in with Apollo.
Their halter training is coming right along and they really enjoy going for walks and being itched.

This is Charming....  he is a little more stand-offish than Caspian but he is coming around.