Monday, April 23, 2012

Space Shuttle Discovery ~ My photos

First Impressions, imposing presents, revealing itself out of  the dark.

Then I stood there for awhile adjusting my dying camera's settings, because goosh darn it... I was going to make it take photos of the shuttle!

And the Camera adjustments, while not perfect, did not do half bad, considering how dark in was in the hanger.
The Shuttle is massive and very  hard to capture all in one shot. 
I did take a panoramic shot but it will take me a couple of days to piece together.

The most close the family and I are ever going to get, to see the inside of a Space Shuttle. 

Here are a couple of close ups of the Shuttle nose and thrusters. You can see the scorch marks of reentry..... which to me, is seriously impressive. I am very glad they did not clean the Shuttle up after it's last mission.

Can see the damaged tiles.

Trying to get DH and DS's photo, without either of them making a face.... not easy. (rolling eyes)

A top view of the shuttle from the walk way above.

Very nice museum, lots of cool stuff to look at. Highly recommend you coming to see this.
 Early morning is best to beat the crowds.
However, if you are handicapped, all they offer is wheel chairs.
 Doesn't seem like this side of the country knows what scooters are?