Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bird nests, Trees, Bugs and stuff...

I really need to take a close up of the leaves on this tree. They are huge, hand size and larger. Have no idea what species tree it is, will have to look it up some time. 
Is rather a pretty tree.

Swallow nest and just around the corner, there is a Purple finch nest on yet another light.  Looks like we will be baby bird central soon.

One of the many types of bug traps we have on the place. Amount of bugs here, is impressive.

The slow feeder hay bags I finally picked up.  Dyfra is a horse version of a vacuum cleaner.
She will eat her food and just about everyone else's, before anyone else has a chance to have their share. 
So where it would take her about a 1/2 hour to eat one meal, now it takes 4 hours and everyone else can get their fill too.