Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A new Water Tank and it's so hot out you can.....

Yup, today is hot, really hot. 100* and 100% humidity, which makes it feel even hotter.
Even the wee wild birds are  having issues. This is one of the Swallow's that is nesting over one of our light,s on the side of the house. He/She is panting to beat the band and has their wing and tail feather's fanned in hopes of cooling off.
I really need to buy a water bath for the birds.

We had the Hot water tank we bought a couple of days ago, put in yesterday. Didn't go as smoothly as I would of liked but it is done.
Will be nice to have 80 gallons of hot water when we need it!
The old tank, was starting to leak, as I thought. So while I hate spending money, this was a good thing to do and cheaper in the long run.

The family will be staying in the A/C, except, for feeding and caring for the animals.  It will be a longggg summer to be sure.