Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Lots of T&L Storms and then a big one last Friday...

 That was one really big, really impressive storm!

Ya, that was a lot of fun last Friday..... not!  No power for about 18
hours...glad I did not get the food shopping done like I was planning too.
But we are lucky, we know people that still do not have power in this
heat, no good that.
Had a Tornado try to form up by the road but luckily it did touch down.
Did sound like a freight train for awhile and weird how some stuff was
tossed around by the wind, while other stuff wasn't touched
News said there were more deaths and damage from this storm,
compared with the last official Hurricane.
Before this storm, we have had  T&L for a few days before and after
the big one...
One of them even nuked the microwave. Sigh ~~

Swear I am living on another planet.
No photos because most of the storm was a night.