Saturday, September 1, 2012

Where the chickens roam~~

 Now that the hens lay in the hen house, on schedule, they are allowed out around the house to do the job they were bought for.
To eat bugs and snakes.

However, they are also good at edging around the house and making a "poop" deck.... rolling eyes.  Why they have to come up on the porch... I will never know....

They are also producing more eggs than we can use, so the neighbors are enjoying them too.  Kind'a like Zucchini of the animal world. LOL

Horse Fly trap and the Willow tree~

 No where have I lived, has there been, so many aggressive Horse Flies. 
Someone I know, calls the bigger ones," Mouse Flies" and I can see why. They are the size of a mouse! 
Poor horse's are bitten left and right, not even the most powerful fly spray or fly sheet, detour  these horrible bugs.
Dyfra is attacked more than the other horses, not sure why?

So I did some research online and found a couple of plans for Horse Fly Traps. DH, built this one. We plan on putting another up soon.

On a more happy un-bug related note... my young Weeping Willow tree, is now Weeping!
In time, it will be a nice shade tree for the sheep!