Thursday, October 18, 2012

First Raised Bed....

DH built the first raised bed.  We plan to have the garden, in raised beds. Will be easier to care for in the heat we have here, easier for me to keep weeded and the clean lines will help us see any snakes.
I just hope I never see any snakes!!
Wanted to put Asparagus in first... but of course, I have been unable to find Asparagus starts locally.
Was hoping to have a couple of perennial 
Veggie beds in before winter.
That is not going to happen sadly.

 One of the Cherry trees, is doing better. Earlier in the summer it was attacked to the point of having no leaves.
Japanese Beatles are bad around here, along with the seemingly thousands of weird bugs, but the chickens should sort that out by next year.

Photo of the wee Orchard and the front field on the property.The other cherry trees are a bit bare of leaves but they are still alive. I hope they make it through winter.Has been more of a challenge to grow fruit trees here, than any where else in the country we have lived.