Friday, November 23, 2012

New Trails~~~

This is the house from the back and if you look very close you can see the run in shed to the right... off one of the new trails on the property DH made for me... :O)
Find the terrain here is wild! More hills on this place than I thought we would have.

Trails were made, because I had run into some hunters a few days before when I was riding Dyfra.

Not a good combo... Dyfra, gifted as she is..... it wasn't at all fun. 
One person was on another property, wither the owner knew about it, I have no idea. But the other person and his dog(s)... were clearly on our property.
I saw one drinking Beer... if you can afford Beer... you are only hunting to kill things for fun.
And when they do that... they are putting YOU in more danger. 

I yelled a few times... and I can bellow...
If you don't own the land... F'n stay off it.
Seriously NOT Kosher. 

And a snap of Stjarna on the new trail, which she really enjoyed!!
 She is getting much better with having a camera go off around her!

Did enjoy the ride today, even if it is "Stupid" season.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

We have Pies!

DH, made the above Apple Pie this morning.

I made the Pumpkin Pie yesterday morning.  Made with Almond/Cahsew cream and coconut milk and it turned out really good! 
Yes, we had to try a piece last night, first time using these ingredients. ;O)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Drop Spindle!

Well, bummer... was hoping Fort AP Hill had a spinning Guild meet up. 
But no, they do offer classes during the summer, but no spinners getting together.
Phifle.... even got out my drop spindle.
Something I haven't used in a long while, as I prefer my Majacraft Saxonie.

However, the Saxonie is a bit ackward to move and I do not want to take a chance of damaging it.

Would like to, at some point, buy a Majacraft Rose to use as a traveling wheel.

When I have time, I think I will go check out the Community center over there.
See what it takes to possibly set up, a small spinning Guild!

With all the Rev and Civ re-enactment groups... one would like there are some folks out there that spin too!

Monday, November 19, 2012

The Zoo at DC ~

 We went to the DC Zoo last Sat. First time we went to DC.. not on a federal holiday... so it was a bit more crowded. 
 Pretty nice Zoo... but I have never seen a Zoo with its own police department. Didn't know if I should be worried or not?
Also the first place I have gone, since we arrived over this way... that had Scooters for rent. Rather spendy but it allowed me to see a lot more, than I would
normally be able!
They had some really cool indoor Aviaries and such. And they had a whole passel of cute young otters playing... a lot of fun to watch.

 The photos above, are from the indoor Amazon Rain forest.  Very nicely set up and one can see, it has been around for a long while.
Would love to have one of these on this place. ;O)

This is the indoor Aviary, also very nicely set up. 

The young otters playing, they were a lot of fun to watch!

 Different kinds of Birds and a couple of Tiger photos.

I seriously need to get a new camera, only two of the photos I took, came out well. Of course they were the only two taken in bright full sun.

DH and DS took a number of photos and will be working on them next. Some of them came out very well!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Cinnamon Bread

Started with making Hamburger buns this morning and thought to myself... I haven't made any sweet bread for a number of
The homemade Cinnamon Bread.... no salt, not too sweet, but oh... ever so good. The trick will be... not trying to eat it all in one... or two days! LOL 

Photo is a little darker than in person.