Friday, November 23, 2012

New Trails~~~

This is the house from the back and if you look very close you can see the run in shed to the right... off one of the new trails on the property DH made for me... :O)
Find the terrain here is wild! More hills on this place than I thought we would have.

Trails were made, because I had run into some hunters a few days before when I was riding Dyfra.

Not a good combo... Dyfra, gifted as she is..... it wasn't at all fun. 
One person was on another property, wither the owner knew about it, I have no idea. But the other person and his dog(s)... were clearly on our property.
I saw one drinking Beer... if you can afford Beer... you are only hunting to kill things for fun.
And when they do that... they are putting YOU in more danger. 

I yelled a few times... and I can bellow...
If you don't own the land... F'n stay off it.
Seriously NOT Kosher. 

And a snap of Stjarna on the new trail, which she really enjoyed!!
 She is getting much better with having a camera go off around her!

Did enjoy the ride today, even if it is "Stupid" season.