Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Trail on the property is looking good~~

 The Swamp.... 

Finally got around to taking some photos of the new path around the property..... even got one of our very own wee swamp....  OK.. we own part of a swamp. LOL

Stjarna was rather zippy that morning, as we hadn't been out for awhile... so taking photos was a challenge.

Can see some of the No Trespassing signs.
Not that people pay attention.

DH, DS and I have been working hard to clear a nice path all away around the property. Nice for walking or riding ones horse.
DH and I like to take lots of walks, usually with Maggie.

Can see different areas of the trail.

Still some snow on the ground in the back.

DH will be adding some more paths soon, as we get the fencing up.
To which, we should be able to order some fencing this Friday.

 DH and DS will be very busy over the rest of the winter.