Monday, April 29, 2013

Japanese Maple~

When I moved from Oregon to VA, I had to leave all the beautiful Japanese maple trees my DH bought me, with a good friend.
Just no way to take them with me.

We went to a local nursery yesterday to look for some garden stakes. Something VA people know nothing about,,, any way..... found some there, bought what they had.
Couldn't help it, haven't been to a good nursery since we left Oregon, so I just had to look around.
Love trees, so went to look at those.  And would you believe it, they had a couple varieties of JM's... on sale. 
DH must of saw the look on my face, so he said, "Pick one out", Happy Mother's day.
Think my smile could of lit up the dark side of the moon!  LOL

Looked at the pots next, do you know, the cost 4 times the amount here in VA, compared with Oregon!  Flabbergasting to say the least. Refused to buy one.

A couple of weeks ago I bought a half whisky barrel on sale, to put my wee Rosemary plant in.
So I decided to just use that as the planter.

With the families help, I potted up the Lace leaf Japanese maple. To make sure the chickens do not dig all of the soil out, DS found some stones for me and I put them on top.

Is quite pretty.

This is not the best picture, because it started to rain..... but more to come soon. LOL