Sunday, April 7, 2013

Raised Beds, Pancake Muffins and a Flowering tree.... oh my...

DH made breakfast yesterday. Pancake batter put into muffin cups and baked at 350* for about an half hour or so, I don't think anyone was timing it.
Came out pretty good and I love having blue berries on them.

Spring comes a lot later here, than in Oregon.  The first flowers of spring, from my Peach Tree. 

DH put in the 4th raised bed on Sat.  
DS and I will put the stone dust in the holes and I will put some of the horse manure that has been composting since last year in it, mid week. This will give the mortar time to cure.
The yellowish stuff you see on the paths, is Corn Gluten, this will help keep the weeds from growing.

You can see on the front left bed, some of the cap stones we plan on putting around all the raised beds. Makes it easier for me to sit on and tend the Kitchen garden.

Most likely a bit early, but I ordered some tomatoes, peppers, Artichoke plants, a Rosemary and Thyme.