Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Mother's Day May 12th ~

Had a very nice Mother's Day. 

Started out with DH making a nice breakfast and then onto Williamsburg. The first time I have seen Williamsburg with leaves on the trees and flowers all about.
I just loved all the beautiful gardens, simple but well maintain and incredibly done.

Above is DS, in one of the unique gardens at the Governors mansion.
First time I went around those gardens.
It had garden's within gardens....... was magical. 

One of the many walled Gardens, have many more photos to sort thought, so these are just some of the first.

A Beautiful Cottage garden and little house below.

What do I spy with my little eye, but a Minion in the sky. 
LOL... wasn't expecting to see that.  And who ever was flying that thing... was throwing it around like a race car!

A Secret garden path.... we went down a lot of those. Where most people do not bother to go. We had the place pretty much to ourselves back there.
Did I say I loved it?  ;O)

Plan on posting a few more of the photos in the next few days, as I get time.