Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Update on Sadie~~~

 Her surgery was on the 23rd and we picked her up on the 24th.
The swelling has gone down, with the collar on, she has stopped pulling at the stitches.

Sadie is home. Sent home with no pain meds... like WTF. 
She was in some serious pain, very swollen. So I called my normal Vet and she gave me a small amount of pain meds for Sadie.
Poor wee thing is crying, barely able to get around at this point. Is heart breaking..
But it needed to be done.
We have to keep an eye on her all the time for 3 to 4 days and then make sure she doesn't jump or do anything silly for 2 to 3 weeks.
DS will take the night watch and wake me up if there is a problem.
Not mind, that is going to be a problem, at this point. 

Monday was a holiday and Sadie was dysentery problems. Which had me a little worried.

Fast forward to Tuesday...

Over 5 hours I have waited for my Vet to tell me she will give Sadie something for the Diarrhea she has been having because of the antibiotics. 
She said she would talk to the surgeon. 
I know they are busy... but it just takes a couple minutes to call. 
I can't do chores(have to be in house to wait for the call) or let the animals out to eat (because the horses are not good about not trying to run through when I am trying to drive through their new pasture.)
Not to mention poor Sadie is feeling off enough she has pretty much stopped eating or drinking.  Plus a limping cat with the runs.... not a good combo.
Sigh ~~  Am beyond frustrated at this point, and can not understand why we had to wait all day to get her help?!

However, after calling a couple more times, (of course at that time, I have to do animal chores) my Vet gives me the ok to pick up meds..
I run off to my Vet's to finally be able to get Sadie something to help with the current issues she is having. 

Please keep your fingers crossed this is the last of the issues poor wee Sadie will have.... and she will heal quickly and walk normally!