Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Kitchen Garden, Maggie, Jacob lambs and a Frog.... Oh My....

 Hen's, doing their job, helping to keep the house bug free... or at least tick and snake free as possible.

So this morning, was out feeding the animals... lots of rain yesterday and I go to turn out the water in the feeding pan .....  and I am greeted by... Mr/Mrs Frog... happily floating about.  Didn't have the heart, to tip it out. LOL

Kitchen garden is doing well. So much easier for me to managed raised beds like this.  Not all the beds are capped yet, I still have a place to sit.

 The hair sheep in the front pasture eating.  Fencing in the front pasture was the best thing would could of done. Saving a lot on hay.

Only problem, as some not so smart people have opened up the fence in 3 different places.
One of these days, my animals will end up on the road, or eating someone else's kitchen garden or crops.
To bad, people don't think.... or don't care what they do.

Because of this, we are slowly putting up WiFi game camera's with locks.
Smile pretty Jackasses,, you are on camera!

Pretty Maggie and the two Jacob lambs.
When the lambs are a little bigger, they will go out with the older sheep.
Right now they are in the pasture with Maggie, Dyfra and the goats, learning about hot wire.

Sadie is also doing a lot better.  Tomorrow, we are allowed to let her roam the house again, however, we still need to keep an eye on her. Though it will not be as labor intensive.
She is still limping, but that will go on for awhile.
Keep your fingers crossed, she will now have one normal back leg to walk on.

Family is all doing well, so busy, we need clones.