Monday, June 24, 2013

Thunder Clouds~ Man is it ever hot and Sadie up date...

Thunder clouds off the back of the property last night. Pretty, but Thank goodness they did not come any closer.

Weather is already horrible out, too hot and sticky.

 I got the animals fed this morning, Sheep got their Rabies booster, lambs got their first shot. 
To hot to trim feet.  Let them out to the front pasture to eat.

Worked in my Orchard, Antibiotics to the Fireblight trees, pruning and then sharpening my pruners on the sharping stone.
This is my third Orchard I have sent up......Its a challenge growing anything here...  :P 

Too hot to do anything else.

Sadie has become even more over reactive when people move about and the slightest noise, since the surgery.. 
I haven't been able to clean or vacuum for 4 weeks. 
I don't want to freak her out and have her do a blind panic hobble about the house and un-do the surgery or hurt herself again.

Top that off...that Place that fixed Sadie's stiffle... from the looks of it, skinned out the top 1/4 of Sadie's tail on one side.
No way to repair that.  Am seriously not happy about that.

More damage has been done to this poor cat by stupid Vets or the techs that care for them after...... 
No wonder she is so scare of everything now. sigh ~~

In the mean time, have ordered Sadie a Thunder shirt and some new calming spray for around the house.
Reading info on line,, Thunder shirts are kind'a hit and miss.  Keep your fingers crossed it works for Sadie.

Sadie's normal Vet called and will give her some calming meds, which I will pick up tomorrow.
Need her to mellow out before she hurts herself.

Other than fly spraying the horse's every day, been too hot to do anything with them.
Though Maggie and Stjarna have fun blasting around the big front pasture... they are getting used to the heat.
Dyfra, still not doing as well, heat wise, as I was hoping.  She is a real Nordic horse.. loves the cold weather and snow.

Family is doing well, staying busy.

With it so hot out now, should have the time to work on my paintings more.
Have a cat one, the Bell fighter and the Japanese castle DH took a photo of when he was in Japan.