Friday, August 30, 2013

Spinning Yarn~

Wasn't sure if I should post this here or my Art blog. Decided, I mostly spin yarn for fun, I would place it here.
This is my new giant ply bobbin and flyer.  Have been waiting for years to be able to purchase it.
Will allow me to do full skeins, instead of the two I used to do.

Asked DS to take a photo of me spinning some yarn today, as I haven't done this in a few years. Would of been better if I did my hair up and such... but it is what it is... LOL Am getting old!

My Spinning corner, next to the window. 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Living with Meniere's... an on going story.

If you know anyone with Meniere's... this is a good read. Helps people that do not have it...learn about it. 

 I have had my Menieres for 32 year now.. or should say, it was when I had my first violent drop attack. Knowing what I know now... have had Meniere's longer than 32 years... but I figure I would start counting after that first scary, mind numbing attack.
Over the many years, I have been tested by two specialists.

 I have learned how to deal with it. Working outside of the house is impossible.   

It also makes it nearly impossible to make plans... as one never quite knows when a bad attack will come, though I now know the early warning signs. And adjust my day as needed.

Mostly keep mine some what under control with a low salt diet... means making most food, including bread, if I want to eat. And taking Meclizine when needed.
And drinking lots of no salt added water each day. 

It also makes you both deaf and hyper sensitive to noises.  I am totally deaf in my low to mid hearing on my right side.  What high end hearing I have is very distorted.
If someone opens a chip bag next to me,, sounds like a bomb has gone off and very painful.
Sounds people take as normal... can be unbearable for someone with Menieres.
The high and very loud non stop ringing in ones ears.... can be frustrating.

Also have trouble speaking some words.. and stutter now at times. 

It is impossible for me to walk into those big malls, because of the security systems and lighting. I end up with drop attacks.
Good thing I don't like s shopping.
(so far, I am ...for the most part... mostly ok in the small stores)
All part of the problems Meniere's throws at us.
Its not a deadly disease, but it is not an easy one to live with daily.

Am what they call, bi lateral... but it is much worse in my right ear. 
So surgery to take out my inner ear is not recommended. 
 However, those radical surgeries do not always work, then the person is worse off.
There is no cure and no one way to try to keep it mostly under control.

Few years ago, I join a couple of very good, online support groups. As you can imagine.. would be hard for people with Menieres to get together in person.
If someone has or thinks they have Meniere's, I would recommend they join these groups.

It is one of those unseen diseases......

Monday, August 26, 2013

A New Lamb and Turkeys.....

I decided to sell my Jacob ewes, they were not taming out like I needed, their horns got in the way and they refused to follow the already tame Lead Sheep, out to the big pasture. With my back, I need easy to handle.
Met this wonderful couple that were interested in the Jacobs.  So I brought the Jacob ewes up to them, through some of the most bodacious horse farms I have ever seen. Was incredible... looked like something out of a story book.
And I saw Hills!! I miss seeing hills!! LOL

Anyway... I decided to trade them for this pure bred Finn lamb. She already taming out fast and looks forward to me coming out.  Decided to name her Adda, which is short for Aðalbjörg.  
Think she will fit in well here. Easy to handle and already following the other sheep.

Will see about buying a couple more Finn ewe lambs, in the next couple of years.

Also came home with three young turkeys... they seem sweet and I know Turkeys are good at eating snakes.

Young Turkey's... pretty sure they are girls... but only time will tell.

I did not get the shot of them flying over to me.... that was impressive!
They follow us every where....
Even followed me when I was riding Dyfra this morning.  LOL  Very glad I teach my horses to tolerate weird stuff well.

Granted,,, Dyfra is most likely thinking, her crazy human has brought her some more baby pets for her.

The young turkeys roosted on the hen house yard gate last night.
We decided not to shock the chickens at that time.. 

Earlier this morning, I open the hen house door and tried to get the turkeys to come in. Needless to say the hens are not happy.
One of the Turkeys hopped in....then back out. Figure if one knows.. the others will follow.
One of the hens became brave enough to come off the perch... and the baby turkeys made happy baby sounds and ran towards the hen...
The hen squawked and and ran away, with the giant babies following her... then I hear a commotion and see the babies come back, running around the hen house, with a very pissed off hen totally fluffed up in fighting mode.
Then one of the baby turkeys fluffed up and ran after the hen.... 
But there's more....
The baby turkey was again, running away from "two" fluffed up pissed off hens.
Hackles up, body fully fluffed and wings out and forward...
OM Goosh.... it was sooo funny.... was like some cartoon skit. LOL

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Dyfra and Sheep

The Katahdins had to come stand next to me, when I had the crazy horses playing. LOL

Tried to take some action shots of the horse's yesterday. Needless to say it was cloudy and it didn't work out to well. Some day, I will be able to afford a new camera. 

 You can see, Dyfra has a grazing muzzle on. Dfyra tends to eat too much too fast and with all the green grass.....  better safe than sorry.

Other than that, Dyfra really enjoyed playing in the big pasture.