Monday, December 9, 2013

Took my old Olympus camera out the other day~~

Photo of the sheep.
 Sheared Adda a couple of months ago, so she looks a little scruffy. 
The other sheep are hair sheep.

Dyfra of course, what you don't see is Adda tugging at my jacket and my camera ended up moving, so I cut Dyfra's muzzle off a bit. LOL

Maggie looking as cute as ever.

Was originally trying for action shots but when you do this yourself, the most one tends to get is backside shots.
This is Stjarna doing a very nice Tolt.

New Gotland Roving

The Gotland yarn above was from the Fleece I bought from a breeder in NZ.  Super soft lamb fleece, very curly and a light heathered grey.
However, I do not have enough to finish out a full bobbin.

So I searched the web on the off chance I would find some more online. I came across some Gotland from Paradise fibers.
It is soft, but not as soft as my original Gotland lamb, also a lot more dark.
Spins a lot different too, was having a hard time spinning it as thin as the original.
Only thing common between the two, is you have to over spin a bit, other wise it will blow out when I ply.
Is incredible how different these two batches of Gotland are.

Haven't decided if I am going to ply the two types together or not at this point.
Might have enough for a scarf but not a sweater I was hoping for.