Monday, December 9, 2013

New Gotland Roving

The Gotland yarn above was from the Fleece I bought from a breeder in NZ.  Super soft lamb fleece, very curly and a light heathered grey.
However, I do not have enough to finish out a full bobbin.

So I searched the web on the off chance I would find some more online. I came across some Gotland from Paradise fibers.
It is soft, but not as soft as my original Gotland lamb, also a lot more dark.
Spins a lot different too, was having a hard time spinning it as thin as the original.
Only thing common between the two, is you have to over spin a bit, other wise it will blow out when I ply.
Is incredible how different these two batches of Gotland are.

Haven't decided if I am going to ply the two types together or not at this point.
Might have enough for a scarf but not a sweater I was hoping for.