Thursday, November 21, 2013

President James Madison Montpelier

Back of the Mansion.
Surprisingly, the inside of the house isn't that big, rooms are quite small. While the outside looks impressive and large, it really isn't.

The Front.
Part of the house was for Jame's family and the other side, for his parents. If they wanted to talk, they had to walk out their front door.

They have quite a pretty brick wall Garden.

Yes, yes you see hills. Was very pleased to see those, as they are the one of the things I very much miss since moving here.They also have a steeple chase course and lots of horse stables on the plantation.

DS and DH by a life sided statue of President James Madison.

Tangerine Tree

The half off, Tangerine Tree, I picked up. So far it is doing well and I made sure to have it some place, there is no wireless net work.
Looks pretty good in the Art Studio.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Wild Sunset

The sky and the air around, looked like this a couple of evenings ago.  Was wild, the color it took on!
Photos are not messed with at all, straight out of the little camera.

Gotland Yarn

This is my latest yarn to be.... Working with the Gotland lamb fleece I bought from NZ.
When finished, it will be a 2 ply fingerling weight.