Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Baby its cold outstide~~

-11* early this morning....  all the water troughs and buckets frozen solid... except the one we have cobbled together in this pasture..... it has a heater.

So, I decided to move all the animals into this pasture, as it would be easier on the humans.

Photos taken at 4pm,, once it got up to 20* not including the wind chill. Was tool cold to take time to aim. LOL

This morning, the wether goats and sheep were spending more time butting heads than eating... they haven't been in together for a long time.
The boys finally settled down hours later.

Then  Syd and the Old ewe decided to go at it... and are still going at it. This kind'a surprised me... I guess Syd decided he didn't want to take orders from an Elder and well... the Elder out masses him over a 100lbs.