Thursday, January 23, 2014

Super cold ~~

Nari is soooo bored.... as far as she is concerned, it is way to cold outside..... 

Cold enough outside... all these photos were either taken through the window... Or I stuck my Arm out the door.
Little wee bird, all fluffed up.  They now come up to the Turkey's food to eat. 

Animals are all in the same pasture again because of the minus degree weather we have been having.
Hope to get the waterlines and power out to all the pastures before next winter... sure would make things a lot easier on both the humans and animals.

Should show you before and After photos, as it would be easier to see. DH has been cutting a lot of the trees down in the front pasture. That way he has a better sight line to the fence.And hopefully, it will keep the bugs from bugging the animals in the summer, so they will use that area too.

Turkeys running towards me in the Snow. They are not impressed with the weather. DS has been making sure to put them in the Hen house every night.
Other than a couple of hens checking out the snow... they are staying in the hen house all the time.
I don't think they like the cold.

With the wind chill, has been running from -10 to -12* in the mornings.
Should warm up during this next week, from 10 to 20* in the morning.