Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Garden and Orchard~

Beautiful Apple blossoms.

The late hard freeze, did not destroy all the cherry blossoms.Luckily there are a few left to enjoy.

The Peach tree lost all its blooms in the late frost.  So no peaches for this year

One of the Pear trees that survived last years bugs and disease. Is doing pretty good!

The Squash bed, did not make in, even with the row cover. 

The Bed of lettuce and broccoli did ok with a floating row cover over the top of them.
Using DE to keep the bugs at bay.

I had all but one Rose bush, that was coming back after the below freezing temps last winter. But sadly, with all that new growth, mother nature decided to throw a hard frost at us.
Now I only have one Rose bush coming back.  Rather depressing.

Also lost a Cherry tree and one grape vine. The one that did survive the winter... pretty sure, bit the dust with the late freeze, too.
So I will have to replace two grape vines, a cherry tree and 4 rose bushes at some point.
Steep learning curve to be sure.

A unique Pea Trellis, found no where else in the World. LOL  Should do the trick.

Luckily, the two Peony's seemed to have made it through the winter. Can just see them coming up.One is in the foreground the other near the top right of the photo.

Nest Boxes....

Our high Tec Nest boxes......
Need to figure out how to add more soon!

Because the Turkeys kept getting stuck in the small Nest boxes... we had to invent a bigger one for them.
Costco box does the trick! 

Friday, April 11, 2014

Plying my Gotland Yarn~~

Trying to ply my Gotland yarn..... with Mia helping.  She does keep my lap warm and purrs, so it is not all bad. LOL

The two different types of Gotland,  lighter one was from NZ... the other... not sure where that was from.
Hopefully, I can find someone to make a scarf or something from it.

Changed my spinning corner. The cats decided they liked watching birds from the other window, so I moved their cat tower.

Spring Flowers ~~

Beautiful Spring flowers in the House. DH missed having bulbs, so we bought a couple of containers of them to enjoy.
Had no idea what the colors were going to it was a surprise.