Monday, June 23, 2014

Hail Storm~

I need to clean up my kitchen garden this morning... but its depressing.... 
All the fronds have been knocked off the asparagus...
My peas and beans,,, while it looks green, they have been sheared off about 2" above the soil.
And the garden was doing so well before this.
Oh.... and the baby bunny in my garden.... that looked at me an peed. :P

Part of the dish knocked off by hail.

Some of the damage to the house.  While its not a lot it still needs to be fixed.
Above... is a punch through that is bigger than my fist.
Below... a number of hole through the siding. 

And why I really thought the hail was going to break a window... its hard to see the dents in this.

The hail lasted around 20 minutes,,, was Quarter sized, sizes in between and a few fist sized hail were hitting the house and garage.  And it was coming in sideways, different directions... and almost like we were in the food blender.
Sounded like a bomb was going off and I stayed in the center of the house.
Weird high and very strong winds didn't help.
The storm with the violent thunder and lightening, lasted nearly 4 hours here.
I wasn't impressed at all.

The Amish made, board and batten sheds, fared much better. They will just need a bit of stain here and there.

Wish I could put up either Hardy plank or board and batten on the side of the house.
Have called the insurance, so need to find a way to pay the deductible.
The good Contractor and neighbor, will be here later today to see what it will take to fix the many, many holes and damage to the siding and garage and make sure the roof's are sound on both buildings.