Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Kitchen Garden and wee Orchard~~

The new Flavor supreme Pluot fruit tree , is doing really well.

This is the one Grape vine, called, Mars, made it through the winter,, even after the late freeze killed the new growth. A little Horse manure compost did wonders. Also have a ground cover, that I hope over time,will help keep the need for weeding down.

This is the replacement grape vine called, Reliance. It is a Red grape, I hope it does better than the Einset grape vine did. I am going to use Strawberries as a ground cover in this area.
Still need to add a horse manure compost to the new vine.

This is the Shiro Plum and is having problems coming out of dormancy. As is the Pear tree.
 I contacted Raintree over a week ago, about a couple of issues with this last order of trees and roses...
3 of the Rosa R's have having issues too.
Have not heard back from them.
Kind of surprises me, I have started 3 Orchards, in 3 different states, mostly with their trees.
Not sure what is happening with customer service at this point. 

Pea, Green bean Bed. Also has a basil and cantaloupe plants. The later I will have cascade outside of the bed.
The peas most likely will not produce pods, until it starts getting cooler this Fall.
Can see the rustic trellis.
In the front of this Bed, is a small Willow tree I started from a branch, off the slightly larger Willow I planted the first year we arrived here.

Same Bed, different View.

This is the Tomato and Squash bed.
Will just have two tomato plants this year.
The Squash should grow to to fill the bed and help keep the weeds down. 
Also have one Pepper plant,
few onions, flowers and a couple of Cantaloupe plants.
I hope in time, DH can make some rustic arbors, so I can have plants like the Cantaloupes, grow up and over the walk way between the Beds. 

So far, knock on wood, the Veggies are doing much better this year.