Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Chicks are doing well~~

The chicks were growing up fast in their giant carrier, that we put in the guest bathroom.
 While the Quails, aren't as far along as the others, we needed to put them out in the Tack room.... so they would have more room to roam.
They looked sooo big in the house,,, but out here in the shed..they are very tiny!

Was a bit worried about the night temps but they seem to be doing ok.

As it heats up, am going to have to put frozen gallon jugs in there so they can cool off.

Above are the little Quail Antwerps.... they love meeting me at the door, because they want treats! LOL

What greets me, the minute I walk into the tack room.
Try taking a photo one handed.  :O)

One part of the shed, with the Quails, Porcelains d'Uccles and Lavender Bantam Americana's.
Well and the Cochin Photo bomb up front.

Quails playing Queen of the hill.

Lavenders looking scruffy as they grow in their real feathers.

The Lone Cochin.... I think its going to be a Rooster.... 

New Mini ~

New mare..... a Buddy for Maggie.

Both her and Maggie were groomed up and fly sprayed, this morning.
New mare wasn't sure about it, but I think she will figure it out fast.
She did love being groomed. 

She is happily eating breakfast this morning

Fixing the Hail damage~

Sanders Construction, who is also a good neighbor, is working on, getting the hail damaged fixed.
We have a long list of things to be done and they are doing a great job.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Biscuit and Sunflowers~

Home made Biscuit Breakfast made by DH. Doesn't it look good?!

Had two Sunflowers growing in the Hen house yard, before the Hail storm. Now there is only one.
Can see the damage to the leaves due to the hail. 
Still is a beautiful and cheerful flower.

Baby Chick Up date~~

Baby Chick up date....
The 5 Lavender Americana Bantams are doing well, as are the d'Uccle Porcelians I bought from Murray McMurray when I figured out the hatch wasn't going well with the LAB's.
There is one lone Cochin in the middle.

The d'Uccle's when they were a little younger.

A Lavender Americana Bantam, can see how much larger their eyes are, compared to the other breeds.
Having a lot of fun with them,  they are quite tame.