Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Forbidden City ~ Anniversary day out~

We decided to have a day out for our Anniversary a day early.

After a not so great start to the day yesterday... due to the Marathon, we sort of gave up trying to get to the 
Richmond Fine Art Museum... 
we stopped at the Science center... not very well done at all.

DH was getting grumpy but I wanted to try to get around the marathon to still get to the Art museum... hours and hours later, we finally did it.

OH MY Goosh.... what a pleasant surprise... the Richmond Fine Art museum is incredibly well done. Really, really enjoyed what I was able to see... 
Walkie bits kind'a gave out on me... but we will be going back.

For our 28th Anniversary today...

So yesterday we decided to celebrate and see some of the wonders of the Forbidden city exhibit. Just stunning.

And to Top that off... their restaurant... cooked food for me with no salt in it... and it was good!
This is the first Restaurant that would change their menu for me, since moving to VA.
They had to custom make the food, very happy they were willing to do that.

So now I have a place I can go out to dinner at. Whoot!

No photos but you can see about the Forbidden City with the link above.