Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snow day walk with Maggie~

Maggie and I out for our short walk today.

The new camera is a bit different, more different than I expected. The old Olympus, loved snow glare, the brighter the better. 
New camera... not so much.   Need more practice!

But Maggie is uber happy being out. LOL  

Start of the path

Snow all over the Trees and Hollys

Hard to see.. down below is the neighbors pond. 

Snow Pictures~

Back of house and you can see the horses run in shed.

Chickens under the Echo.... only bare ground on the place. LOL

Close up of Dyfra

Front of House in the snow... we only had 3" of snow.

I loved the shadows of the trees on the snow.

Orange Chicken~

I was going to go out and take a number of outside photos.  Ah...ya....   I took two and decided I had better go back inside and put on a jacket or something.  Its up to 20* but still... brrr.....

So here you have a photo of a Buff Orphington Hen.
They are just starting to lay, tiny eggs. 

Sadie ~

Have been playing with the New Camera to see what it can do.

Above... Sadie Melting on the warm heating pad, under her blanket.  LOL
(the heating pad I normally use... but when she wants it....she gets it. )

This one I used photoshop and played with it a bit.

Snow last night~

Had about 3" of snow last night... 15* this morning so I do not think it will melt today.
First photo I took, before full light out, with the new camera. 

Snow piled up at the base of the Trees. This photo was taken when there was more light out.

Horse Run in Shed,  photo taken while feeding the animals.  Was very pretty.

Sheep, eating their morning meal.

Stjarna looking .. Oh so ..thrilled , with the goats and one sheep standing near her.

Front Pasture, early this morning.  Will have to go out later and take photos with the sun bright in the sky.

Blue Birds ~~

This is the only way I can take photos of the Blue Birds, as they are rather skittish. 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Super cold ~~

Nari is soooo bored.... as far as she is concerned, it is way to cold outside..... 

Cold enough outside... all these photos were either taken through the window... Or I stuck my Arm out the door.
Little wee bird, all fluffed up.  They now come up to the Turkey's food to eat. 

Animals are all in the same pasture again because of the minus degree weather we have been having.
Hope to get the waterlines and power out to all the pastures before next winter... sure would make things a lot easier on both the humans and animals.

Should show you before and After photos, as it would be easier to see. DH has been cutting a lot of the trees down in the front pasture. That way he has a better sight line to the fence.And hopefully, it will keep the bugs from bugging the animals in the summer, so they will use that area too.

Turkeys running towards me in the Snow. They are not impressed with the weather. DS has been making sure to put them in the Hen house every night.
Other than a couple of hens checking out the snow... they are staying in the hen house all the time.
I don't think they like the cold.

With the wind chill, has been running from -10 to -12* in the mornings.
Should warm up during this next week, from 10 to 20* in the morning.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Williamsburg ~~

Note to self... don't use the filter and make sure when you set the isn't at 3200 on a sunny day.  Guess it scrolled, before I set it.....  stupid finger...Sigh ~~~

But I did have fun and found a new favorite spot at Williamsburg, and explored a couple new back areas I haven't been before.

New favorite spot. Is tucked away in a little hollow.. with three little bridges over a tiny creek.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Lots and Lots of.... Poultry...

Chickens are quite depressed when DS has to use his car.  Normally only see chicken legs under the car. LOL

Buff Orpingtons... they should start laying soon.

One of the beautiful Barking Turkeys. 

Our Turkeys think they are dogs and  love to be petted by the family.
They do bark at strangers.

Turkeys, Welsummer, Speckled Sussex and a Buff to the right.

A Trio of Welsummers.

Have to admit, it is really hard to take photos of my chickens... the moment I stop to do anything they come running. LOL  

Friday, January 17, 2014


Sadie is not a easy cat to get good photos of..... as much as I love her, she just doesn't have a photogenic face.... until I bought the Canon.

Photo was shot indoors, no flash and lighting wasn't good.
If the camera is this good now, can't wait to see what it will do in good light!
Now if the weather would just cooperate. 

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Canon 70D ~

Canon 70D, nearly dark, no flash, indoor and out...   so far I am impressed.  Just using auto at the moment, until read and re read the directions a few times.

The lens is not going to have the range the Olympus has but it is a start.
When ever I come into some money, will get the lens for the Canon, that will really do what I want.

The Olympus would not of been able to handle any of these shots.

Do have filters for the Canon... if it wasn't snow/rain last night, would of set it up right and would of gotten a better shot of the moon.

So far, this camera is a keeper.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Herd~

Because of the one going very cold weather,, specially at night, everyone is still in the same pasture. 
The only pasture that I have been able to set up a heated water trough.

The other water troughs and water buckets are frozen inches thick or frozen solid.
The weather is supposed to warm up soon.

Not that I am minding the really cold weather.  No bugs... and it isn't too hot out.  ;O)

Tangerine tree

Finally put up the bird light for the Tangerine tree, I bought last Fall. 
It needed a bit more light than it was getting.  Light is not pretty but it is doing the trick.  
Hopefully, I will have tangerine fruit by mid spring.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Baby its cold outstide~~

-11* early this morning....  all the water troughs and buckets frozen solid... except the one we have cobbled together in this pasture..... it has a heater.

So, I decided to move all the animals into this pasture, as it would be easier on the humans.

Photos taken at 4pm,, once it got up to 20* not including the wind chill. Was tool cold to take time to aim. LOL

This morning, the wether goats and sheep were spending more time butting heads than eating... they haven't been in together for a long time.
The boys finally settled down hours later.

Then  Syd and the Old ewe decided to go at it... and are still going at it. This kind'a surprised me... I guess Syd decided he didn't want to take orders from an Elder and well... the Elder out masses him over a 100lbs.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Holidays ~

Ended up with two new games, courtesy of my Sister and my Niece. Thank you both! 
First one is the game called Pente.... which is a lot of fun. The other one is big Boggle. 

This is the way cool Cookie Jar my DS bought me. 

Over all, a nice low key holiday.