Monday, March 24, 2014

Thank you Mom, for all the plants!

DH, took me to the garden center and then on to Lowes yesterday, as Mom, sweetly sent him some money so I can buy plants. Thank you Mom! The rain held off for me too.

You can see, Seymour, and just how tiny it is. Also slowly collecting plants that are green. When one misses the lush green of the NW, this is the only way to get a fix. ;) Really want to add a Doug Fir Bonsai.... to the collection.  (I already had the ficus and dinosaur moss)
Seymour below for a close up.

Spring Bulbs,,,  will plant them outside when they are finish blooming.

The Gardenia plant.... has a neat braided trunk.  Will make my Art room smell wonderful!

Bought some super bright flowers... can even see them without my glasses on. LOL

Pot of Strawberries... also bought a Lavender plant to put in the Kitchen Garden.

I love plants!

Beautiful Eggs~~

A Collection of beautiful eggs.  
You can see two Turkey eggs, along with all the Hen's eggs.
The Welsummer eggs are the dark ones, and continuing to get darker by the week.
They taste really good!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

More Poultry and wild bird photos~

Took the Olympus out this morning to take some photos.
It handles the super bright snow glow better than the other camera..... well... as long as I do not want to mess with it.
Too cold out. About 10* now.

Hen house and one of the Buff's at the door... I do not think she wants to go out.

Pretty Speckled Sussex.

Turkeys coming over to see what I am doing.Because they must inspect everything. LOL

First Turkey Eggs~

 DH saw the Turkey Hen sitting between the garage and the cattle panels leaning against it.

So the next morning I went out and found three eggs sitting in the leaves there.
Sadly, they had frozen.

The main part of the shell is a little more white than the photo shows.Think they are quite pretty eggs.

More snow and lots of little birds~~

First day of the snow storm. Wasn't bad and the power stayed on, which is a plus.
At least the snow was lighter and more fluffy this time.

This Morning, after yesterdays storm.  Little birds are very happy to have food.  Made sure to put out extra black oil sunflower seeds for them to eat.

Photos of the birds were taken from the window.  They are still very shy around us and would take off if I went outside.

Mia, in her,  "I want those tasty tidbits mode".