Monday, January 19, 2015

National Gallery of Fine Art in DC ~

Went to the National Gallery in DC yesterday... 
holy grief... if you have Menieres, 
bring noise cancelling head phones. Is very loud.

Not a bad Gallery.. 
Glad they had wheel chairs... won't of been able to see it all, without one. 
(though a scooter would be a lot nicer)

One very cool thing I saw, Leonardo da Vinci, 
Ginevra de' Benci painting.
Is the only da Vinvci painting in the USA.

You can see the painting on This Link.

Did not take a photo of it, because it is so old. But here are some photos,, of other things we saw.

They had some neat Garden spaces too.

Was a long day but worth it.
Also ended up with some free parking in a handicapped spot, very close to the museum.
Allowed me to walk a little longer, before needing a wheel chair.