Tuesday, February 17, 2015

We have snow ~

OK....  so I measured the snow.  8 1/2" deep.
  Most snow I have seen here, since moving to this place.
Had to go take photos of some of the animals

Of course in the area of Oregon we used to live...we had a lot more snow.
So it was nice to see this.

Everyone is in the same pasture right now...since it is the only one I can get a heated water tank to.

But I don't think anyone minds... they all like each other.

Granted the animals wanted me to stop taking photos and feed them..and Dyfra had to tell me how bored she was and that I should get their!

No impressed on the new gutters, no only do they leak....
 they put them too close to the roof line...
If we ever have Ice or heavy snow, they will get ripped right off.

Sky lights on the hen house, that were "repaired"  leak too, so I need to some how find the money and someone that knows what they are doing to fix it, before the roof is damaged.

Katie saying,, breakfast,, breakfast now!

Goats are not thrilled....

Nice having snow... missed the beautiful snow we had in Oregon.