Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Wonderful day at the Fine Art Museum~

I had originally planned to have a Birthday lunch on the 14th... sadly, they were booked full.. both on the 14th and 15th...
So on the 16th...
We headed out to the Fine Art Museum fairly early, since there was going to be snow.
This area comes to a stand still with any kind of bad weather.

So we walked around the museum,  seeing new collections.
Loved this Stain glass Dog Wood window.

Beautiful Marble Garden from India.

Some beautiful paintings, made sure to use No flash, 
as I did not want to damage the paintings.

Stunning Tiffany lamps!  The workmanship was incredible.
After enjoying the museum,we went to the top floor to have lunch at the restaurant.

About half way through, tiny bits of snow started falling. 
Took our time eating and enjoying the day, once we were finished we headed home.