Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Baby Chicks, they are sooo fluffy ~

Baby Chicks are fluffed up and looking pretty good.

My Lavenders, are showing nice beards and muff, even with being less than a
day old.

Five of my Lavenders hatched, out of the six I had in the incubator.

I have 12 more eggs under a broody hen, will start checking for hatching chicks tomorrow.

Will bring them in to be raised with this group.

This one is a d'Anver , Millie Fleur color.
Its a Chick-Monk. ;O)

This batch of Lavenders are split for Porcelain.

DH and I went into the VA hills last Sunday to pick up 7 Quail d'Anvers from a well known breeder of quality bantams.
They are the darker ones.

Keep your fingers crossed, I break the Rooster streak I have been having the last two years, 
with the bantams!

Photo of one of my Lavenders, taken yesterday.