Monday, April 27, 2015

Saving the Hummingbird ~

Was a long day yesterday,  with the trip to pick up chicks. Normally I would have DS do the evening chores.

But last night, I felt the need to drag myself out and do them.
Just started walking to the sheds... and I look down, there is a tiny hummer on the ground.

Drop everything and pick it up, was so very cold.  So I ask DS to get some of the simple syrup I make for the chicks, and DH got down the hummingbird feeder, so I could try to get it to eat.
Asked DS to get one of the heat packs, as my hands are rarely warm.
Was uber gentle with him.

It finally got enough food into itself and warmed up enough to get feisty..
Once he was feeling better, he hovered next to me for a bit then flew into the Japanese Maple.

Hope he survives the night. Think the cooler than normal weather is getting to them.