Monday, April 20, 2015

The Garden and Spring~~

The Birch tree just starting to leaf out.

Front of the house,  bought a bright red geranium so the 
house finches can raise their family, and to let the
Hummingbirds know, the snack bar is open.

Is hard to see the Grape Vines yet, but they seemed to come through this winter
OK,  did cover them in hay to help insulated them from the harsh cold winds.
Put down some hardwood bark mulch, in hopes it will help keep the weeds down.
Planted some creeping thyme and strawberries under and near the Grapevines, to both utilize the space and also help suppress the weeds in time.

Small Strawberry plant, flowering already.

Peony plants all made it too. 

The ones I over wintered, also covered them with hay.
Seems to of done the trick.

First Peony is in the front of the photo.

 Can see where we have not weeded yet.

Farther back, we weeded and put hardwood mulch down.
Also planted some Dahlia's we bought from Coscto.
They are inter-planted with the Peonys, and should be quite pretty later in the season.

Rugosa Rose's I am growing as a hedge row. 
Really hard to see right now, so I drew little red arrows to point the way.

Have more on order to make a hedge row around the kitchen garden.
This will help save the plants from harsh winter winds.

Some point in the future, I plan on putting up a Pretty garden fence to keep the poultry out.
Right now... its a Redneck fence.

DS is doing his part of the morning chores.