Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Think Spring ~~

Photo of three of the Board and Batten sheds. 

Things are starting to green up, 

so that means bugs.. lots of bugs and ticks.

Just glad my chickens do a great job at keeping the ticks at bay around the house and the two most close pastures they are allowed to run in.

Pear tree flowering...

Kitchen garden doesn't look like much at this point.  DH and I did a lot of weeding.
Putting down Hardwood mulch, to help keep the weeds from getting out of hand.
Knock on wood, seems like the grape vines and Current bush made it through winter.
I "think" the peonys made it, but time will tell.
Lost only one Rugosa Rose.
Going to use these as hedge rows, so they help protect the plants in the kitchen garden.

Bought a horse fly trap, horse flies are really aggressive here, makes it really hard to lead the horses to different pastures, let alone ride.
My Horses are good about it, and will stand still for us to kill the bugs.
 Their bite is super painful.

Hopefully next year, I will be able to afford another one.

Also using Fly Predators, to help with the other types of flies.
Have to do something, do not want to go through Spring/Summer/Fall like last year.

Red House Finch, letting us know, he needs more food... Now!