Tuesday, May 5, 2015

More Chick photos ~

Baby chicks are growing fast!

 I got the chicks moved over to Nari's side of the house, using a double carrier arrangement.

Nari will have to live in the garage but it will only be for a couple of weeks. 
Not to worried about Nari and the heat, since she has been outside most of the days lately.

Doubled the chicks living space. 
Put a window screen over the top to keep them from 
popping out.

My lavenders and a d'Anver Millie Fleur.

Another d'Anver Millie Fleur, 2 Quail d'Anvers and
 one of my Lavenders.

Lavenders and one Quail.

Well, are you going to feed me or not?

This is the last of this batch of chicks to hatch out.
Is a Ameraucana chick, only one to hatch.

Has a couple of weeks of wing growth before it catches up with the earlier chicks.