Monday, June 29, 2015

Expanded Maggie's Paddock ~

Maggie has been very sick, she has Cushings, is IR
 and has foundered.
I put her in a very restricted area to keep her off anything green.She will never be allow on green grass again.

Expanded Maggie's Paddock today.

Now is 48'+ by 20' wide... a lot more area for her to walk.

I originally wanted to do the whole sheep pasture for her, 
and tried, 
as you can see in the photos... 
but the grass and clover keep fighting back in areas.
So I will expand in stages.
Using the round pen panels (hate loosing the round pen but needs must), to make Maggie's larger paddock.
Along the outer fencing line, of the sheep pasture, I am growing some Rugsa Roses, will be future wind breaks.