Sunday, July 19, 2015

New Belgian d'Anver bantam pullets~

This is what greets me every time I step into the Bantam shed.

They are a combo of my full sized Wheaten Ameraucana chicks, the white and 
Lavender Ameraucana bantams, and some d'Anver bantams.
DH and DS helped me put a small hen house yard up, this morning for the Bantam shed, so they have a little more room.

The new Belgian d'Anver Pullets.  
They figured out the frozen water jugs right quick!
Heat index of 111* today.

Not quite sure about things but doing well.

2 Blue hens,  1 Blue Quail pullet, 1 Golden Neck pullet and Millie pullet.
The Blue hens are a little older, so their muff and beards are much fuller.
Is really nice to have a few more hens... now I am up to 10.

Blue hen right, Blue Quail middle front, Golden Neck back left, Millie on the left.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Quantico 4th of July Fireworks

I had stopped going to fireworks many, many years ago, after a father let his son, throw fireworks under the engine of my car.

People had no idea of safety, or manners for that matter.

But last night we went to Quantico.  
So we would not have to deal with civilians and their lack of manners.

The Fireworks were not the most fancy, but they were really nice, people where very polite and we were quite close.
Enjoyed it a lot.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Lots of Chicken photos ~

These Cream Legbars,
just about dropped into my lap and I couldn't pass them up.
They are full sized chickens and 
will lay a nice blue egg when older.

These are the last chicks of the year.

This is my Millie Fleur Belgian d'Anver Bantam Rooster, hatched out I think in April.

Quail Belgian d'Anver Bantam Rooster,  if he stays nice, will be keeping him.

Need to get an updated photo of the Full sized 
Wheaten Ameraucana chicks...
the one above is a hen.

Above is a Lavender Belgian d'Anver Bantam Rooster, 
who has the teen-aged scruffy look right now.

A very sweet  Millie Fleur Belgian d'Anver Pullet, 
still getting her adult feathers in. 

A Quail Belgian d'Anver Pullet.

One of the Lavenders from my stock, bantam sized.  
She loves perching on my arm or hand. 
She is a very pretty and very shinny platinum color.

The other Millie Fleur Belgian d'Anver pullet.

Smithsonian Fine Art Museum

Yesterday we decided to go to the Smithsonian Fine Art Museum.

The older part of the Museum was very interesting,  both with the use of the building materials and that Pres Lincoln walked these halls.

Walls, ceilings,,, everything quite unique.

DH reading up on a painting.

Beautiful Stained glass windows.

DS enjoying the museum too.
There were a few old patient pieces that were very cool, not as many as I was expecting to see.
Only able to see half of the museum, as we ran out of time.Do plan on going back some time in the future.

It wasn't a bad museum, but , to us anyway, we like the National Gallery better.