Sunday, July 19, 2015

New Belgian d'Anver bantam pullets~

This is what greets me every time I step into the Bantam shed.

They are a combo of my full sized Wheaten Ameraucana chicks, the white and 
Lavender Ameraucana bantams, and some d'Anver bantams.
DH and DS helped me put a small hen house yard up, this morning for the Bantam shed, so they have a little more room.

The new Belgian d'Anver Pullets.  
They figured out the frozen water jugs right quick!
Heat index of 111* today.

Not quite sure about things but doing well.

2 Blue hens,  1 Blue Quail pullet, 1 Golden Neck pullet and Millie pullet.
The Blue hens are a little older, so their muff and beards are much fuller.
Is really nice to have a few more hens... now I am up to 10.

Blue hen right, Blue Quail middle front, Golden Neck back left, Millie on the left.