Sunday, August 23, 2015

Chicken Update ~

The Blue Wheaten Ameraucana's are slowly growing up.
Above is a Rooster.
Below, Roosters an Pullets.

I moved them in with the Crested Cream Legbars, as I want to raise them together.

One Crested Cream Legbar,  seeing what is up my pant leg. LOL

All have top knots... 

I have never had a breed like the CC Legbars.  
Is like a Three ring circus .. LOL... 
I can't feed, without one crawling up my body to sit on my hat, have one hanging off my hair, two on my arm and I look.. two materialized into the food bucket I am carrying. 

Trying to just to pour the food into their feeder... wooo boy....

DS loves them of course.

Below are my very small d'Anver Bantams, 2 very nice d'Uccle Roosters and a few white and lavender Ameraucana bantams.
Will only be raising the d'Anvers and d'Uccles next year.

Dexter, is going to be a super, nice Golden Neck d'Uccle. Will pair him
with the d'Uccle Porcelain hens this spring.

This is Remi,  a very nice d'Anver Quail Bantam rooster.