Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Bantams are growing up ~

Bantams are growing up.
Above, couple of the White Ameraucana bantams.

Below, the white AM bantams, a Lavender AM, one of my lavenders.

Beautiful Golden Neck d'Anver pullet.

And below, what always greets me, when I am in their area. LOL
hard to get anything done.
Quail d'Anver Pullet, seeing if I have any more treats.

Makes you wonder what they are talking about. LOL

My beautiful White Quail d'Anver Roosters.
Decided I am going to work on that color.
GoldenNeck pullet in front.

One of my Lavenders.

DS holding Bridgett, the Mille Fleur d'Anver Pullet. 

Claude the Mille Fleur and Remi a quail color, 
both d'Anver Roosters.

Below a beautiful blue d'Anver pullet and a Quail pullet.

Really enjoy my bantams!