Monday, October 5, 2015

Blue Wheaten Ameraucana and Crested Cream Legbar chickens ~

They are growing up fast. Above is Buttercup, 
who wants a treat.
Her and the Pullet below are a
Blue Wheaten Ameraucana.

One of two Blue Wheaten Ameraucana Roosters... this one is called Broken Toe.

 Group shot. Raising the Legbars and Ameraucana's together, so they will all get along this winter.

Next spring, each breed will go into their own pasture, to make sure I have pure bred offspring.

Many trying to take a dust bath, in one spot.

Their area, used to be thick with grass.. they pretty much ate and stomped it all to death.

Dust bath in sand and alfalfa chop.

Yes, even though they will be a full sized chicken, then can fly rather well.

Photos above and below are Legbars.

One of the two Legbar Roosters that made the cut.

The BW Ameraucana's are sweet and gentle... 
the Legbars... sweet, and roudy. LOL 
Both breeds are a lot of fun.