Monday, October 5, 2015

The Fawn ~

Late April early May, a tiny fawn showed up.
Saw the mother for the first month, but never again. 

Fawn was too small to jump the fencing she is in.
She/he has grown slowly, and still has spots, far longer than normal.
She is always in that front pasture.

I don't mind having the fawn up there, but the way the hunters are around here,
opening fencing, shooting guns on our property, and some times at me and causing a lot of problems...

Good thing we now have a lot of game cameras up.
Because the local police has made it clear they can't be trusted to follow State law.
Anyone caught on camera doing any harm to my place or livestock any more...
I will be sending the photos and a letter to the,
                        State Attorney Generals office.